Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Effect of Maya:

Everything chants the mantra that "Everything is Maya." The effect of Maya of false perception, or false consciousness, is so strong that most of the time our mind function under it.

One example is hatred between races and religions. Looked from a transcendental perspective, there is nothing in one race that exalts it above the other, but Maya shows us that there is. It is Maya that shows  that one religion is superior to the other, and causes conflicts.

It is Maya that causes sexual yearning for a mere photograph, and waylays the mind away from its proper functioning. It is Maya that is the cause of all illusion.  The Shanti Mantra in the Upanishads seeks refuge from the effect of Maya that hides the truth from the mind:

"Asato Ma Sadgamaya"

"Lead me from the untruth towards the truth
From Darkness towards light
From Death towards Immartality
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!"

This Mantra tells us how Upanishads writers feared illusion, and they had prayed for peace from the effects of Maya.

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